Skin, Scalp, and Hair

My unique philosophy for achieving your best skin and hair is holistic and includes addressing whole body and mind health relating to Diet-Gut, Allergy, Exercise, Stress, and Sleep balance. By looking at each of these fundamental aspects to our wellness, we support skin and hair health the way it actually works — holistically — to discover, protect, and sustain our beauty.

When each of these aspects is in balance the appropriate skin, scalp, and hair products can be administered to support and protect the vital function and structure of skin and hair. When skin function is healthy, we experience active protection and support of the skin structure. The tissues and proteins that make up the structure of the skin are the foundation of beauty that create our best skin and when continually preserved, we slow skin decline and accelerated skin aging. Always remember - proper skin function protects skin structure which creates healthy skin - healthy skin and hair is beautiful skin and hair.

The skin has the extraordinary ability to heal itself. Our job is to facilitate that powerful regenerative process and administer the right natural elements to support and accelerate the incredible transformation for ultimate skin function, luminosity, and health.

The body needs an array of specific food and nutrients for life and health and our diet is first in delivering what the body, skin, and scalp need for beauty and vitality. After our diet supports our body, skin, and scalp, the appropriate treatment products are supplemental and necessary for optimum health, appearance, and longevity. The same way you supplement your diet by eating right for you and ingesting nutrient dense foods filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein, the right ingredients in topical applications support the body’s natural process, helping protect the skin and scalp and prevent accelerated cellular damage.

The body is natural, and the original source of nutrients necessary for skin and scalp regeneration, support, and health are found in nature. High-quality plants and herbs contain a vast array of phytonutrients that share distinct molecular and structural similarities and have the same natural regenerative abilities as the oils and nutrients in the body, skin, and scalp. This likeness or bio-match activates the regenerative cellular process in the safely and effectively, supporting healthy skin, hair, and scalp function.

Beautiful, shiny hair begins with the nutrients in our diet. With a healthy digestive system, these nutrients travel in our bloodstream and reach the vessels inside the dermal papilla to feed and nourish the cells that divide and grow the hair shaft in the follicle. As hair cells develop, they continuously push the previously formed cells upwards and ultimately out of the scalp as the hair. Hair is simple in structure, made mostly of a very strong, dead protein called Keratin, a little bit of oil and water. So activating, nourishing, and protecting the scalp and the simple, delicate nature of the hair is a key to its health.

True hair health is holistic and starts with the food we eat and our lifestyle. Eating nutrient dense food encourages strong, thick, shiny hair and raising the heart rate with healthy exercise stimulates circulation necessary for healthy blood flow to the scalp. We can support, accelerate, and protect this incredible process by administering proven, professionally formulated, pure topical plant and herb extracts and oils. These ingredients and products work to facilitate the scalps hair growth by activating the follicle, causing an increase in circulation which supports the nourishment of the hair cells and helps protect scalp function.

Professionally formulated organic oils and extracts work to activate and nourish the scalp and follicle as well as restore oil, shine and soften the hair. Effective hair and scalp treatments help protect against the environment, styling, and damage from chemical processing. Sun, heat, cold, wind, styling, coloring and other chemical treatments cause the follicle to raise and lower and chip. This is how damage occurs and causes the appearance of unhealthy hair - which looks dry, dull, brittle, and has a rough texture - which eventually breaks and splits.

Protecting, replenishing, and retaining healthy oil level in the hair is extremely important. Shampoos and conditioners formulated with specific oils work to protect the scalp acid mantle, restore and protect hair and scalp oil, soften and add shine.


Morning and evening cleansing promotes a clear, even complexion by removing dirt, pollution, and unbalanced oils in order to support and protect the delicate acid mantle balance. 

[Complete Moisture Cleanse, Herbal Infusion Cleansing Oil]


Twice weekly exfoliation removes unwanted dull & dead cells, reveals healthy new skin and stimulates regeneration. Proper exfoliation is also key to boosting the effectiveness of all other skin care products and techniques.

[Active Enzyme Exfoliator]


Weekly skin activation treatments stimulate and accelerate the body’s own natural healing process, restoring circulation, relieving stagnation, and clearing impurities to support firm skin and a toned, bright complexion.      

[Cacao Antioxidant Mask]


Minimum twice daily skin hydration is crucial for maximum effectiveness in all other phases of skin care, creating an essential delivery system for nutrients and actives to penetrate and benefit the skin. Continual hydration supports cell health and circulation but also enhances moisturizers for plump, firm skin. 

[Hydrating Accelerator, Advanced Hydration Mask, Hydration Boost Concentrate]


Twice daily skin nourishment is fundamental to cell regeneration, protection, and optimal skin health. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids and dense phytonutrients are bioavailable in pure, organic plants and herbs that support effective skin function and slow skin deterioration. 

[Active Infusion Serum]


Daily environmental protection is essential to effective skin care. Nutrient-dense moisturizers that contain rich plant antioxidants help offset skin damage from pollution, while Broad Spectrum, high SPF coverage with natural, non-nano Zinc Oxide sunscreen protect skin cells from free radical damage. Twice daily moisturizing further supports circulation, nourishment and protection from dehydration (and drying due to cold temperatures) by binding surface skin cells and reinforcing the lipid barrier. Properly sealing in hydration maintains a soft, plump and bright complexion. 

[Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30, Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF 30, Vital Balm Cream]